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Bird Mail Email App

 Bird Mail Email App is Powerful email application designed for android phones and tablets. 

Enjoy the best smooth e-mailing experience for all your email accounts.

 Get all the folders inbox , outbox ,spam , junk,sent ,unsent ,saved, draft and other and manage them by tapping the folder icon . 

✴Bird Mail features & options✴

 Never miss a mail with powerful email notifications.

Ability to use client certificates for authentication.

Automatic configuration for popular email service providers like gmail , yahoo ,hotmail ,outlook etc .

Multiple accounts support Add all of your email accounts and switch between them easily.

See all mails in one folder and idintify them with the help of small color chips at the bottom right side of each mail. 

Works with many other email services IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Exchange 2003/2007 (via WebDAV) accounts.

 Encrypted connection by default for manual account configuration.

Option to disable/enable background sync anytime .

Auto notification enable/disable option . For example auto disable at night and enable it in morning.

Option to choose memory location for each account .
Account settings - storage location.

Option to search any mail on server in addition to those on device.

Privacy option to Use UTC as time zone in mail header.

Email conversations with Conversation Threading.

Swipe message to delete.

Resizable font sizes.

Split screen for tablet and landscape orientation.

Option to Import/export settings from sd card or internal memory

View and save attachments.

Upload and download attachments.

Widgets for unread email counts.

Choose from Light/Dark theme.

Support more then 20 languages.

•• All screen sizes are supported•• ✔ Phones and Tablets ✔ All screen types and sizes

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